🇸🇪 Treebula secures SEK 28 million investment to realize the true value of forest and a greener future

July 6, 2023

Press release from Industrifonden

Treebula secures SEK 28 million investment to realize the true value of forest and a greener future

Treebula, a pioneering Swedish company with a vision to unlock the true value of forests, announced today an investment of SEK 28 million from Industrifonden and existing owners. The new investment will fuel Treebula’s mission to become the leading source of forestry information and digital platform connecting forest owners, buyers, and other stakeholders.

In a world that urgently requires adaptation to climate change across all sectors, forests play a crucial role. Recognizing this importance, multiple industries are increasingly turning to wood and forests as part of the solution for a more sustainable future. Such a shift in demand necessitates accurate and accessible information and Treebula aims to fill this gap by offering forestry management services, including forest management plans, a carbon credits marketplace, and comprehensive information on various forest management methods and their impacts on climate, economy, and biodiversity.

Adam Aljaraidah, CEO and co-founder of Treebula, said: “Interest in forests and their multifaceted applications is rapidly growing. The demand for the forest’s diverse values is on the rise, not only in Sweden but also on an international scale. The timing is perfect for us to keep establish the natural conduit between forest owners and those who wish to realize the forest’s true potential. The investment from Industrifonden not only brings us a competent and experienced partner but also provides the resources we need to solidify our position in Sweden and expand internationally under the Treebula brand.”

With this investment, Treebula is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory, leveraging the expertise and financial support from Industrifonden. Furthermore, the new capital will enable Treebula to further enhance its digital platform, broaden its services, and extend its reach both domestically and globally.

Anna Haupt, Investment Director at Industrifonden, commented: “We find ourselves amidst a changing forestry landscape, with rising demand for both wood and carbon sequestration. This predicts an evolving industry, driven by digitalization and forest owners’ growing engagement in the importance of biodiversity as well as of financial values. Treebula also recognizes the potential in carbon credits once the market matures and we’re proud to support their mission of a greener future.”

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Originally published on 4 July.