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ArcticToday is the comprehensive news source reporting on the Arctic, from the Arctic. An independent digital news site, ArcticToday partners with media organizations from around the circumpolar north, offering readers on-the-ground reporting, international news, features and community perspectives from one of the world’s fastest-changing regions.

Our editor is located in the U.S., and its correspondents and contributors are scattered throughout Europe and Canada. Paid news partner organizations are located in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada; Bodø, Norway and Kirkenes, Norway. The site also publishes syndicated content from the news service Reuters.

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Initially developed in 2012 as “Arctic News Wire,” the site has grown through several iterations and invested in more original content. Its most frequent individual contributors today are located in Copenhagen, Alaska, and Washington, D.C. Opinion pieces are sourced from policy experts who frequently hail from academia and policy-based think-tanks. ArcticToday content reaches readers on several platforms, including a weekday newsletter and social media channels.

ArcticToday is committed to serving a truly circumpolar audience, as it works to cultivate and develop this audience around the Far North and beyond. Given the expertise of the founding team, both in journalism and on Arctic issues, we can offer our readers news and perspectives not available anywhere else.

As a nonprofit, our goal is to diversify our funding sources in order to continue to build a sustainable digital news operation. Local, on-the-ground reporting is more critical than ever. In order to effectively develop coverage in a broad array of topics and in the large and diverse geographical area of the Arctic, we must grow in both circulation and impact.

Board of Directors:

Alice Rogoff
Dwayne Ryan Menezes
Elizabeth Arnold
Halla Hrund Logadóttir
Mead Treadwell
Tero Vauraste
Tracey Foster

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