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(Thomas W. Johansen / NASA Oceans Melting Greenland / Handout via Reuters)

The Far North, once an overlooked part of the globe, is changing faster than the ice is melting. National business, military, and cultural leaders — with sometimes competing interests — are looking for creative ways to use the region to their advantage.  The pace of change — and the range of raw opportunity — is staggering.

Innovation is leading the way. New and sometimes untested approaches are being used in industries including ecotourism, seabed mining, and even sustainable steel production.  To succeed these enterprises must forge unique political and business partnerships, new ways of thinking, and find new sources of investment.  The stakes are high, the opportunities vast.

That’s why Arctic Today developed the Arctic Business Journal.  We work to deliver timely and lively coverage of this innovation and to develop a clear understanding of the transformation of this important region. ABJ’s writers and reporters dig out original content, and we partner with local news organizations to paint a comprehensive and lively portrait of the changes taking place in this rapidly developing part of the globe.

We invite you to join the excitement and to understand the unique opportunities  for the businesses, individuals and nations involved in this emerging part of our world.

Alice Rogoff, Publisher

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As a nonprofit, Arctic Today welcomes funding support from all entities and individuals that share our passion for transparency in information about business and innovation in the Arctic and all the countries that touch it.

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Board of Directors:

Alice Rogoff
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Halla Hrund Logadóttir
Mead Treadwell
Tero Vauraste
Tracey Foster