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July 6, 2023

Press release from KSAT

KSAT Lunar 20m network will be operational by end of 2026. It will be the world’s first purpose-built commercial network dedicated to lunar communications.

Spacetide 2023, Tokyo: 

KSAT is investing in a purpose-built commercial network for lunar communications and has selected CPI Vertex Antennentechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of Communications & Power Industries, to provide three 20m diameter antenna systems. Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of upcoming lunar missions, these state-of-art antennas will be installed in three evenly distributed locations to ensure continuous lunar coverage.

The first antenna system will be operational by end of 2025, and the full network by end of 2026. KSAT Lunar’s 20m network will provide TT&C, payload downlink, and ranging services in both X-band and Ka-band.

“The KSAT lunar communications network represents the next stage in space communications technology. It is a challenging and visionary program, and CPI Vertex has worked closely with the KSAT to ensure that we can deliver a reliable, advanced technology solution with our full-motion dual-band antenna systems that will help ensure the program’s success,” says Gerbert Lagerweij, Director Sales & Marketing, of CPI Vertex Antenenntechnik.

Ready for the next step

The antennas are compliant with the requirements set by planned lunar relay satellite constellations, and by NASA for the Lunar Exploration Ground Sites (LEGS). The demanding technical and performance requirements, and the need for uninterrupted lunar coverage have served as guidelines for setting the specifications to CPI Vertex.

“After a thorough process that started in 2021 CPI Vertex provided the best solution, based on our requirements. Their history and experience in building deep space antennas and radio telescopes played a key role into the decision-making,” says KSAT Product Manager for Lunar, Francisco Periales.

“We are now getting all the building blocks together and the next step is to onboard our customers.”- he adds.

New lunar era

As humanity sets its sights on the Moon with renewed enthusiasm, KSAT is committed to providing unparalleled support and infrastructure to enable ground-breaking missions and scientific endeavours, including the return of humans to the Moon through the Artemis program. We believe that by offering reliable and efficient communication infrastructure, we can unlock the full potential of the Moon as a platform for scientific research, resource utilisation, and sustainable human presence.

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Originally published on 4 July.