The technology company ABB and Luleå University of Technology conclude collaboration agreement

February 1, 2023

Press release from Luleå University of Technology

Birgitta-Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology, Ulf Hellström Local Business Manager ABB Motion Sweden and Peter Malm Country HR Manager ABB Sweden.

ABB and Luleå University of Technology have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the parties. The focus is on research, skills supply, development of education and shared knowledge. Knowledge transfer between trade and industry and academia is important to meet the skills challenges of the future and strengthen industrial investments in northern Sweden. Among other things, ABB plans to offer lectures, summer jobs and degree projects for students at Luleå University of Technology.

“It feels important to now be able to broaden and extend our fruitful collaboration with ABB. The green transition in the north places great demands on collaboration between industry and academia in education and research, and this is where both Luleå University of Technology and ABB have an important role to play”, says Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor of Luleå University of Technology.

ABB will be the university’s newest business partner, the company has approximately 105,000 employees in over 100 countries and customers in, for example, the process industry and the mining industry with a focus on digitalization.

“ABB is a global company that invests in being close to our customers, suppliers and partners. We are now seeing a significant increase in industrial investments with global significance in northern Sweden, where Luleå University of Technology has an important role. Together, we can find opportunities to collaborate on skills supply and research that contribute to a more sustainable society with smarter and more resource-efficient solutions”, says Mikael Dahlgren, Head of Research for ABB Sweden.

Tradition of collaboration
ABB has a long tradition of collaboration and is very positive about being able to add Luleå University of Technology as a collaboration partner. The parties have a mutual interest in strengthening and developing activities in common areas of interest such as skills supply, recruitment, the creation of collaboration platforms and research in, among other things, energy efficiency, digitalization and the circular economy.

A steering group meeting was held on Tuesday. The agreement was then signed by ABB Sweden’s HR Manager Peter Malm, Business Area Manager Motion Ulf Hellström and Vice-Chancellor Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn.

Erik Bohman, Business Area Manager for ABB Motion Northern Sweden, who will lead the university collaboration from ABB’s side, was also present.

Northern Sweden in focus
“Luleå University of Technology plays a very important role in northern Sweden when it comes to skills supply. ABB always needs talented employees to facilitate the green transition that is taking place right now here in the north and we look forward to an excellent collaboration”, says Erik Bohman.

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Originally published on 31 January.

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