🇫🇮 The first hydrogen transmission network project in Finland proceeds to basic design stage

May 2, 2023

Press release from Gasgrid Finland 

Gasgrid Finland Oy’s hydrogen transmission infrastructure demonstration project aims to build a hydrogen transmission pipeline. The project enables the hydrogen generated at Kemira Oyj’s Joutseno plant to be transferred to Ovako Imatra Oy Ab’s steel mill in Imatra along Gasgrid’s hydrogen pipeline. This is the first hydrogen transmission project extending beyond an industrial site. During this year, the project planning focuses on pipeline routing and technical concept design.

The demonstration project will enable the implementation of Finland’s first full hydrogen value chain from electricity through chemical industry by-product hydrogen to green steel industry end products. Consequently, the project will promote the development of Finland’s energy and raw materials system. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted EUR 9.5 million in RRF energy investment support under the EU’s NextGenerationEU funding instrument for project design and potential construction. The demonstration project promotes the creation of regional hydrogen cluster in the South Karelia region as well as the local businesses. The project creates foundations for future hydrogen transmission pipeline projects in Finland.

The project is advancing now to basic design stage, where for example, the pipeline routing will be specified. Pipeline length is approximately 23 km out of which the bulk is following the current natural gas pipeline routing. For the new pipeline part, natural values and recreational activities will be considered. Security and environmental aspects are in the focus of the basic design stage and comprehensive risk evaluations and natural surveys will be conducted.

Pipeline routing will be further specified during this year after discussions with stakeholders and landowners as well as after the environmental study has been finished.

”We will discuss the project with landowners and other actors in the immediate area in different information sessions during summer and autumn. We will inform the locals in Imatra and Lappeenranta about specific time and places for these sessions separately later in time”, says director Sara Kärki from Gasgrid Finland Oy.

Basic design consultant ILF Consulting Engineers has been chosen to conduct the basic design phase of the project. The consultant was chosen via public tendering process. Basic design stage lasts until the end of 2023.

Additional information:

Sara Kärki, director, Gasgrid Finland Oy and COO Gasgrid Vetyverkot Oy, [email protected], tel.  +358 40 158 1722

Communications contact: Satu Linkola, Gasgrid Finland Oy,  [email protected], tel +358 46 877 3392

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a Finnish state-owned company and transmission system operator with system responsibility. We offer our customers safe, reliable and cost-efficient transmission of gases. We actively develop our transmission platform, services and the gas market in a customer-oriented manner to promote the carbon-neutral energy and raw material system of the future. Find out more: www.gasgrid.fi/

Originally published on 2 May.

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