🇫🇮 The 6G Talks presentation series presents future technology and its applications in a variety of ways

By Arctic Business Journal - March 7, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with the new 6G Flagship video series. Listen to industry pioneers as they unveil the digital revolutions on the horizon and navigate the next era of mobile connectivity with the 6G researchers.

6G Flagship Director, professor Matti Latva-aho, points out a sobering fact: even today, two billion people remain disconnected from the mobile world. This gap becomes even more glaring as our societies lean more into digitisation. In his talk, Latva-aho sets the stage and anticipates a captivating journey into the next chapter of mobile innovation.

6G aims to create a world where everything could be part of a vast mobile network. For billions across the globe, this new generation is eagerly awaited as their long-anticipated entry into mobile communication. In 6G Talks, there are talks by 6G researchers from the University of Oulu and a few selected business representatives. Get ready to be enlightened by the visionary insights and revelations of 6G.

6G Talks is a curated collection of videos diving deep into the future of 6G technology. Series features an array of respected speakers exploring pivotal aspects of 6G, including, e.g. machine learning, semantic communication, communication control co-design, and the role of intelligence in the computing continuum, not to forget the future of IoT networks and wireless communications.

The playlist covers a broad spectrum of 6G technology. Each video unravels the complexities of advanced research shaping intelligent, efficient, and scalable 6G networks from ongoing research, real-world applications, and the visionaries shaping our decentralised and intelligent future in the world of 6G.

Whether you’re interested in understanding how AI is integrated within decentralised computing frameworks or how we’re tackling the challenges of reliable, low-latency communication under constrained connectivity and wireless resources, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from these talks.

To highlight one keynote, in his 6G Talk, Takehiro Nakamura, Director at NTT DoCoMo, provides insights into the future of 6G activities in Japan. Drawing from the “Message to the 2030s” White Paper by the Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium, Nakamura delves into the capabilities, KPIs, and technological trends for Beyond 5G.

Step into the world of 6G Talks and check out the 6G Talks video series here.

Originally published on 5 March by University of Oulu.

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