Russian journalist’s flat raided in Moscow


The independent Russian news outlet Sota.Vision reported that their Moscow correspondent Artyem Kriger’s flat in Moscow has been searched by Russian Investigative Commette this morning. The journalist has been taken for questioning. His colleagues and family suggest that the search is part of the long going witch-hunt against Alexei Navalny Anti-Corrruption foundation that was designated as “extremist” by Russian authorities in 2021:

“During the search he was asked if he knew Navalny”, SotaVision reported in their Telegram channel

Alexei Navalny was the Russian opposition leader, who died in a Russian prison on February 16

Sota.Vision cites Atyem’s brother – Alexander Kriger – who was present in the flat during the raid:

“They (the law enforcement) came at 6 am, put me on the floor, later allowed me to sit down. They divided everyone into different rooms, Artyom and his mother were taken to his room, and they gave some kind of paper with an order. They conducted a search, checked all the electronics, took press cards, mobile and data storage devices,” – Artyem’s brother told journalists.

According to Alexander Kriger, the search lasted about 4 hours in course of which the security forces mentioned “participation in a terrorist organization.” Artem, as his brother recollects, was given a list of names by security forces and asked if he knew those people. The younger Kriger told Sota.Vision that the Russian opposition leader’s name Navalny was among them.

Artyem Kriger was detained live on air while covering an anti-war protest on the streets of Moscow in 2022.

Artyem Kriger has been covering news for Sota.Vision for several years. In September 2022 he was detained live on air while covering anti-war protests on the streets of Moscow. Back then authorities accused the journalist of “participating in unauthorised protest” and he had to spend 10 days in a Moscow detention centre.