Regular container traffic to the Port of Piteå

By Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business - March 1, 2024
New container traffic in Port of Piteå. Photo: ShoreLink


X-Press Feeders has restarted regular scheduled container traffic to the Port of Piteå in Norrbotten.

Wallenius Sol has been operating in the same way to the neighboring port of Skellefteå in Västerbotten for some time.

“We have had discussions with shipping companies for a long time as we have seen the possibility of getting return goods for the ships that come here with general cargo. It is a win-win for all parties involved,” says Ola Isaksson, Sales Manager at ShoreLink.

The new line runs via Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. The return cargo from Sweden comes mainly from the sawmills in the region and consists of sawn timber products transported in containers.

The ports of Skellefteå and Piteå are close by for goods going to the growing industries. A large flow of sawn timber already exists in the ports, but not in containers. The new lines will increase the possibility for the sawmills to send their goods.