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Photos: Arctic nations gather in Fairbanks

Kelsey Lindsey - 10 May 2017

Representatives from the eight Arctic States gathered this week in Fairbanks for the 10th…

Arctic nations to set target for reducing climate-warming soot pollution

Kelsey Lindsey - 10 May 2017

Sea ice is disappearing rapidly, permafrost is thawing faster than predicted and shorelines are…

Why the Arctic should — and probably will — stay on Trump’s foreign policy agenda

Kelsey Lindsey - 10 May 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s attendance at the Arctic Council ministerial meeting in Fairbanks…

What can we expect from this Arctic Council meeting—and US Arctic policy thereafter? Here are four expert takes

Kelsey Lindsey - 9 May 2017

High North News asked four Arctic experts about priorities for the Trump administration in…

ASRC’s Tara Sweeney steps down as head of Arctic Economic Council

Kelsey Lindsey - 9 May 2017

FAIRBANKS — The chairmanship of the Arctic Economic Council passed from the United States…

Arctic nations to meet amid unsettled US stance on climate change

Kelsey Lindsey - 9 May 2017

FAIRBANKS, Alaska — As Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson heads to Alaska on…

U.S. vows commitment to Arctic climate change research

Kelsey Lindsey - 8 May 2017

WASHINGTON — The United States will participate in advancing climate change research in the Arctic,…

How the Arctic fits into China’s ambitious transport infrastructure plans

Kelsey Lindsey - 7 May 2017

Seen from an Arctic perspective, one of the ironies of China’s Belt and Road…

Next week’s Arctic Council meeting could be eclipsed by events on the sidelines

Kelsey Lindsey - 5 May 2017

All eyes are on Alaska next week as Fairbanks hosts the 10th biennial Arctic Council…

New figures reveal busy shipping season on Northern Sea Route

Kelsey Lindsey - 4 May 2017

New information revealed at the 2017 Arctic Shipping Forum held last week in Helsinki,…

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