NYAB’s move from Finland to Sweden finalised

By Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business - May 1, 2024
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson, CEO and founder of NYAB. Photo: Marcus Odevall

NYAB, which was founded in Luleå, is now Swedish again, as an extraordinary general meeting has approved the transfer of the company’s registered office from Oulu in Finland to Luleå.

The company will thus move from the Helsinki Stock Exchange to the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

“Today’s decision puts us in an excellent position to execute our strategy and create value for our stakeholders. Two thirds of our business is in Sweden and this move gives us a solid foundation to develop the company in line with our expansion and growth plans. We are proud of our organisation and the profitable business we have in both our priority markets Sweden and Finland, and I look forward to the company now returning to Luleå where our journey started,” says Johan Larsson, CEO of NYAB.

“We aim to be listed on the First North Premier Growth Market in Sweden, a market well regarded by institutional investors, which opens the door to increased visibility in the capital market and provides increased value for our shareholders,” says Jan Öhman, NYAB’s Chairman of the Board.

In June 2023, NYAB first announced that the company was considering moving its headquarters to Sweden from Finland. In September 2023, the company announced that the Board of Directors had decided to implement the move as a cross-border reorganisation whereby the company would become a Swedish public limited liability company with its registered office in Sweden, and whereby the listing of the company’s shares would be transferred from Nasdaq First North Growth Market Finland to Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden. On 4 March, the company announced the plans in more detail and announced the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders to decide on the reorganisation.

Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business

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