Northern Lights tourism remains extremely popular in Iceland

The Aurora Borealis remain a key driver of winter tourism to Iceland.

By Iceland Monitor - September 26, 2018
The Northern Lights are seen over Skorradalsvatn in South Iceland earlier this month. (Eggert Jóhannesson /

According to the director of Gray Line, Þórir Garðarson, there is no sign of a decrease in tourists visiting Iceland to see Northern Lights.

Garðarson says that the Northern Lights winter season (September until April) remains very popular with tourists and that it’s one of the most important factors of winter tourism in Iceland. More than 40 percent of tourists to Iceland in the winter season go hunting for the Northern Lights. Tourists do, however, stop for a shorter period of time in Iceland than before.

The Northern Lights were prominent in the night sky on the weekend due to calm, clear weather.