Greenland is involved when a new satellite is sent into space on Sunday

February 1, 2023

Press release from Tusass

It doesn’t happen every day, but Tusass is proud to invest in a part of a new satellite, now reaching the point where the satellite can be sent into space. This is done in collaboration with the Spanish satellite supplier Hispasat, which in collaboration with SpaceX plant-wise launches the satellite so that it reaches space on Sunday.

From Spain to the USA and up into space for the benefit of Greenland
The satellite will be shipped from Florida, USA on 5 February and the Greenlandic telecommunications supplier Tusass has ensured that the satellite will also be named after Greenland. “GreenSAT”.

GreenSAT must help bring more stable internet to the satellite cities in Greenland, which are located primarily in North and East Greenland, and more securely, customers can also get flat rate internet products in Qaanaaq.

Follow the LIVE stream directly from Florida, USA
If you want to follow along live when GreenSAT is sent into space, we will post a link to the live streaming before Sunday.

Please note, however, that the time may be moved in relation to the atmospheric, wind and weather conditions. But Tusass will continuously update about the time of launch of GreenSAT.

Originally published on 31 January.

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