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February 28, 2023

Press release from Norðanátt

The collaboration has been extremely successful, but this winter an interdisciplinary team from the university community has done a tremendous job with Norðanátt focus group work on mapping and analysing the above objectives. The work is well underway and takes the project management Norðanáttar now in analyzing data and submitting proposals to the school board. Then will Norðanátt also present the project, results and recommendations to staff during the spring.

A key element of the collaboration has also been to strengthen students’ mindset towards innovation and how they can participate in innovation. Norðanátt in collaboration with HA and SHA have organized and organised events with an innovation twist with the aim of igniting entrepreneurial sparks in students.

Ahead of this is the miniVísó event, which will be held in Akureyri on April 13th at VAMOS in Town Hall Square, which will include a pubquiz guided by innovation, we will bring in role models from the entrepreneurial scene in North Iceland, hear about innovation in existing companies in the area, chat with investors, creativity and much more.

We encourage students and other interested parties to take the day off!

Last spring signed Norðanátt and the University of Akureyri co-operation agreement with each other with the aim of mapping the current position within the University of Akureyri in matters of innovation and finding ways to highlight the innovation and entrepreneurial power that lives within the walls of the University of Akureyri. The objective of this cooperation is to create a vision for the future and implement innovation in the University’s operations and also to assist in formulating the strategy of innovation for HA and the University’s overall strategy from 2024.

Originally published on 23 February.

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