A fresh shipment ends Sanikiluaq’s fuel shortage

The community had been rationing fuel since Oct. 19.

By David Lochead, Nunatsiaq News - November 1, 2022
A tanker ship anchored to a bulldozer off the coast of Sanikiluaq. The ship is anchored to the dozer so it can stay straight for pumping diesel. The community had to ration fuel from Oct. 19 to Oct. 30 because of a fuel shortage. (Courtesy of Allan Rumbolt via Nunatsiaq News)

A new shipment of fuel has arrived in Sanikiluaq.

Hudson Bay MLA Daniel Qavvik told Nunatsiaq News the shipment arrived Sunday. The community had been dealing with a fuel shortage since Oct. 19, forcing people to ration the dwindling supply.

Qavvik also confirmed that residents of Sanikiluaq are no longer rationing fuel.

On Oct. 26, Qavvik asked Community and Government Services Minister David Joanasie in the legislative assembly about the status of the fuel shipment.

Joanasie replied at the time that it would come by the end of week, adding, “I understand [fuel] is in dire need.”

Qavvik also asked for a review of Sanikiluaq’s fuel situation.

Joanasie responded that the territory’s petroleum products division will evaluate its operations to ensure a similar situation does not occur again. That evaluation will be included in the division’s annual report.

In a separate statement that day, Joanasie the 2022 refuel supply season in Nunavut was not ideal, with multiple communities experiencing a shortage or running out of fuel.

For next season, the GN is increasing Nunavut’s fuel purchase by 12.5 percent, Joanasie said.