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March 13, 2023

Press release from Marel

A crowded booth for Marel from start to finish

VIV Asia 2023 Salesteam2400

The first VIV Asia exhibition held after the pandemic was highly successful in attracting visitors back to the event halls. Professionals from the poultry and meat industry resumed traveling to Bangkok, from countries as far away as Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Of course, there were also plenty of visitors from ‘nearby’ countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangla Desh, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Marel’s booth generated an incredible response! During all three days, from the opening hour till after closing time, the Marel stand was crowded with professional visitors. Our sales team members were constantly engaged in conversations with both existing and prospective customers, resulting in every table in the social area being occupied. Attendees were patiently waiting at the side for an opportunity to discuss their questions with their dedicated Marel representative.

The numerous prospects indicate that Marel has ample new opportunities in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Impressive demonstrations

Overall, the ambiance at Marel’s booth was pleasantly engaging and energetic. The ‘inspirational tasting’ offered by our own kitchen at the stand tempted visitors to sample some typical chicken or duck snacks, including karaage kakugiri.

The regularly staged live demonstrations, starring Maria Costa, Astrid Verhoijsen and Hans Voorbij attracted a crowd every time they presented their show. Central theme of the demo was saving labor with automation. From different perspectives, and supported by strong videos on the giant curved screen, Astrid, Maria and Hans informed the audience how a processing plant can automate various manual operations. Machines and software can replace repetitive human labor in areas such as evisceration, cut-up, and deboning, allowing employees to focus on other tasks and increasing overall productivity.

VIV Asia 2023 Presentation Crowd


At the event, our innovative products received a warm reception from the audience. Particularly, the revolutionary Nuova-i gained a lot of interest, just as it did at VIV Europe. Attendees were intrigued by its intelligence, the integrated SmartBase machine-health monitoring software, the convenient control via the HMI screen, and the self-adjusting settings based on flock characteristics.

The new I-Cut 145, aka the kakugiri machine, was specifically launched for East Asia at this exhibition. Kakugiri, which consists of leg meat cut into uniform cubes with or without skin, is a traditional Japanese delicacy, but appreciated and produced in more and more countries. The I-Cut 145 is exceptional in its ability to execute this type of cut using just one machine.

Additional launches included a prototype setup of a Breast Meat Value Optimization system, which incorporated SystemFlex Distributor belts and IRIS FI visual ins
pection. The RevoBreader, which is part of Marel’s latest 1000 mm Convenience Food Line, was also introduced, while ATHENA, the new intelligent breast deboning solution was announced at an information wall.

VIV Asia 2023 I Cut

Originally published on 13 March.

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