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Greenland Minerals to challenge draft decision on Kuannersuit license

Krestia DeGeorge - 27 July 2022

Greenland Minerals Ltd said on Tuesday it will object to the Greenland government’s draft…

Greenland prepares legislation to halt Kuannersuit rare earth mine

Krestia DeGeorge - 17 September 2021

NUUK — Greenland’s new government is preparing legislation that will ban uranium mining and…

Citing safety concerns, Greenland Minerals won’t take part in second round of Kuannersuit hearings

Kevin McGwin - 23 August 2021

A second round of public hearings about the proposed Kuannersuit rare earths and uranium…

Greenland officials extend hearing period, add meetings ahead of Kuannersuit mine decision

Kevin McGwin - 4 February 2021

Naalakkersuisut, Greenland’s government, will hold at least two additional community meetings and extend the…

Bomb threat, COVID throw Greenland’s Kuannersuit mine approval process into disarray

Kevin McGwin - 1 February 2021

A series of public hearings due to begin Friday about a potential rare-earth and…

Chinese-linked Australian mining company sues Greenland for $11bn over lost revenue

Elías Thorsson - 11 October 2023

The US, China and the EU are all likely to watch closely as a…

Neo agrees to buy Greenland rare earth project from Hudson Resources

Melody Schreiber - 22 August 2022

LONDON—Neo Performance Materials has agreed to buy a rare earth mining project in Greenland…

🇨🇳 Gaming the master plan

🇨🇳 Gaming the master plan

Arctic Business Journal - 6 August 2022

BRIEFING | Looking for Chinese state ownership in Arctic extractive projects misses the point,…

Greenland PM calls for closer US ties in Washington visit

Melody Schreiber - 15 June 2022

Greenland Prime Minister Múte B. Egede on Wednesday pushed for stronger political and economic…

Greenland’s new coalition partner won’t seek changes to uranium ban

Krestia DeGeorge - 4 April 2022

COPENHAGEN — Greenland’s social democratic Siumut party, part of a new government coalition, will…

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