Yukonstruct is proud to celebrate the nine graduating 2022 Creative Impact Bootcamp participants!

December 23, 2022

Press release from Yukonstruct

For the past eight weeks, with homework, workshops, leadership coaching, and mentor sessions juggled on top of commitments at work, school, and family, these Bootcampers have fulfilled the commitment to build their business. We are so proud of you!

Though some might have described themselves as makers, creatives, teachers, musicians, dieticians, aestheticians, parents, Yukoners – we hope in completing this program they can be confident in adding entrepreneur to that list, too.

So what does it take to complete a Yukonstruct Bootcamp?
Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 8 weeks of Startup Bootcamp Intensive programming and homework to build their business.
  • 22 guest speakers, including local entrepreneurs from Grandma Treesaw’s Bannock, Firebean Coffee Roasters, Klondike Kettle Corn, Futures and Foresight thinking, Caitlyn Macmaser Coaching, Crowe and Mackay, Lang, Lamarche and Barrett, the Yukon story,  The Yukon Venture Angels, Mammoth Marketing Agency and MORE.
  • 20-hour pro-bono consulting projects completed by the Carleton University consulting Group
  • Up to three Executive Leadership coaching sessions with local coach, Tara Larkin
  • 18 Mentors – From project management, accounting, community leaders, branding, marketing, and more– thank you.
  • This year, our bootcamp excelled thanks to 102 mentor sessions!
  • 6-month waived business banking fees, provided by Scotiabank

And of course, the nine bootcampers!

In the past, we have run themed bootcamps such as STEM-to-Market and Strengthening Indigenous Tourism. This year’s theme was chosen to reflect the accepted participants– Creative Impact! From tackling labour shortages, to food insecurity, culture revitalisation, family-owned businesses that make products for Yukoner-by Yukoners, breaking barriers in education, and changing opportunities for our youth.

We are proud to celebrate their efforts and hope to continue to support your journey to creating businesses that make a difference in our communities.

Missed the Showcase? Here’s all that happened:

So what is a pitch? In its simplest sense, a business pitch is a presentation of business ideas and potential opportunities for potential investors and partners. They can be used as the rubric for business plans, building relationships for investment purposes or even support for grant applications. It is a crucial business tool for scaling a business and each pitch concludes with a clear ask from the crowd.

Opening words were said by the Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Minister Ranj Pillai, Vice President of Operations of the Canadian Northern Development Agency, Sierra van der Meer, Yukonstruct’s Executive Director, Lana Selbee, and Director of Entrepreneurship programming, Cat Kelly. In attendance were Mayor Laura Cabbott, program mentors, partner organizations, Bootcamp alumni, friends, and family.

Though this is the seventh Bootcamp to graduate, this was the first to have a Grand Prize. This year’s showcase Grand Prize was offered by Mammoth Marketing Agency for a $2500 marketing project of the winner’s choosing. The second prize offered was selected by the crowd with a vote, winning a 6-month membership to Yukonstruct’s co-working space or makespace for the Crowd Favourite Pitch.

Thank you to mentors and partners for judging this tough competition: Caitlyn MacMaster, Manager of Yukon University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Barrett Horne, President of the Yukon Venture Angels, and Jason Rayner, Senior Business Development Advisor from the Yukon’s Department of Economic Development.

The Bootcampers were given 5 minutes to pitch with 2 minutes for clarifying questions from the judges. The room was filled with friends, family, partner organization and potential investors. It was a fabulous night and we can’t wait to host our next pitch event. If you are interested in investing in local businesses, please contact [email protected] to be notified about our next invite-only pitch event.

Show Your Support!

Here are the asks from each Bootcamp participant from Showcase night. If you’d like to support these businesses but can’t answer the direct asks, the best thing to do is share with your network and community!

Big Cedar: Andy Slade

The goal of this company is to bring together vulnerable, under-served populations and passionate, highly trained artists, allowing kids, seniors, and community members to pursue and engage with music in collaborative ways that work for them! Learn more here.

Big Cedar’s Ask:

  • Looking for champions of his work
  • Supporting Youth at risk through music and artists
  • Community music programming

Contact: [email protected]

Caribou Woman Creations:
Maria-Rose Sikyea

Maria started Caribou Woman Creations because of her passion to revive, participate, share and demonstrate her work as a Dene Artisan. Learn about her business here.

Caribou Woman Creations’ Ask: 

  • Looking to partner with organizations to host workshops
  • Support by purchasing her jewelry and artwork
  • Visit the Kwanlin Dün Centre to view her artwork on display

Contact: [email protected] 

Elements Esthetics Academy: Ammanda Partridge

Ammanda started Elements Esthetics Academy to bring esthetics credentials to Yukoners, wherever they are. With 18 years of experience and over 25 certifications in esthetics show her passion for learning, she hopes to break barriers for esthetics training and career options. Read more here.

Elements Esthetics Academy’s Ask: 

  • Share in creating Yukon success stories by sharing my project with prospective students!
  • If you are an organization that may provide student funding opportunities, I’d love to hear more about your application process and criteria
  • If you are Yukon organization or First Nation that would like to provide a letter of support, or collaborate on this project, please be in touch!

Contact: [email protected]

Simply Significants:
Sam Fleschman-Carlick

Sam started beading in 2009, making her eldest son a pair of mitts, and since then has made earrings, wristlets, moccasins, fur hats, vests, mukluks, hair clips, patches, and wraparounds. Simply Significants hosts workshop on moccasin making and more. Learn more here.

Simply Significants’ Ask

  • Please follow me on social media to stay up to date with Simply Significants. If you know anyone looking to learn how to make moccasins send them my way.
  • Follow on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook for updates @SimplySignificants

Contact: [email protected]

Oliver-Bebee Customs:

This family has a passion for the outdoors and customizing their toys and tools to fit the unique needs of the North. Oliver-Beebe Customs specializes in coming up with unique solutions to people’s unique needs. Learn more about them here!

Oliver-Bebee Customs’ Ask:

  • If you are looking for high quality, Yukon built gear check us out!!!
  • We are currently growing our business across Canada, Northern United States and Alaska and to make this happen we are asking for support with the following:
    • Our Commitment to Community:
      • Use local Suppliers
      • Partner with local industry
      • Hire local and train our employees
    • What we need To expand!
      • Equipment
      • Marketing
      • E-Commerce ability
      • Funding for Staff/Training

Contact: [email protected] 

Rhizome: Émilie Lavoie

Her collaborative business uses texts from Indigenous, racialized, and minority perspectives to fill the gap she’s identified. She is working to build a platform for teachers to access and share resources. Learn more here.

Rhizome’ Ask:

We are currently building our team and looking for the following expertise. If this sounds like you, please be in touch!

  • Publishing or Editing
  • Education  Governance

Contact: rhizome-repertoire.com

Sunrise Nutrition:
Joline Beauregard

Joline with Sunrise Nutrition decided to start this business because the current state of public registered dietitian services does not serve the needs of the Yukon. As part of the process to become a registered dietitian, Joline completed her internship at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine with a focus on rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. Learn more here.

Sunrise Nutrition’s Ask:

  • Work with Us! Looking for organizations and business interested in hosting nutritional programming for their staff or community.
  • Currently searching for private office and kitchen space to expand our practice
  • Like, Follow, Share on Social Media @sunrisenutrition.yt

Contact: Sunrisenutrition.ca

Joel Gaetz from the Food Action Hub and Basem Alrawashdeh from the Karaky Grocery Store have also completed the program, though were unable to attend this year’s showcase due to personal circumstances. We congratulate them both!

Originally published on 22 December.

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