World’s largest data center to be built in Ballangen, Norway

Efjorden and Efjord Bridge, in Ballangen, in Northern Norway. (Getty)
Efjorden and Efjord Bridge, in Ballangen, in Northern Norway. (Getty)

Ballangen, a small town in Northern Norway, is set to become home to the world’s largest data center.

The Kolos facility is being developed by a U.S.-Norwegian partnership, also called Kolos, who say the site will eventually draw on a record-setting 1,000 megawatts of power, CNBC reports.

According to the company Kolos will be a “fortress for data,” and Kolos claim on their website that Ballangen’s cold climate and access to hydropower will help trim energy costs by as much as 60 percent.

The firm said the center will create 2,000 to 3,000 jobs in the area.

Norway’s minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, will participate when the company’s plans will be presented at a public meeting in the municipality, on Friday. The small town of Ballangen has around 2,500 inhabitants.

“We see unemployment drops, growth rises and more jobs are being created. The government will facilitate the establishment of data centers in Norway, and we have lowered the fees to attract us this type of business. I recently met Apple and Google in California, and there I marketed Norway as a host country for green data centers,” Helgesen told Norwegian broadcaster TV 2.

“The need for data centers will increase in the future as the world becomes more digital. Norway has excellent prerequisites for data centers. We have renewable energy and cool surroundings. This can be an important growth industry and create jobs in the districts”, Helgesen said.

According to the BBC, Kolos already has a solid financial plan, which involves several private Norwegian investors. The company, which reportedly will be expanded to 600,000 square meters across four floors, is also working to get a U.S. bank to contribute full-time financing.