Wind power is being planned for Rovaniemi, Finland

By Hannah Thule, The Independent Barents Observer - May 29, 2024

Wind turbines in Finland. Photo:

The zoning of areas for two wind power projects was approved by Rovaniemi City Councillors on Monday, May 27th.

The Rovaniemi City Council decided on its meeting on Monday, May 27th to zone areas for two wind power projects in Elättivaara and Meltaus. Elättivaara was unanimously approved, while Meltaus was approved by a vote of 6-5.

The proposal of the zoning plan will be announced, and made publicly available for residents to review and comment on in the fall.

A wind park with 13 turbines is planned for the Elättivaara area, about 70 kilometers east of Rovaniemi city center, while another wind park with three turbines is planned for the Meltaus area, about 60 kilometers north of the city center.

The company Eolus Finland is behind the Elättivaara project, while Tuulialfa is driving the Meltaus project. In conjunction with the planning of the Meltaus wind power project, the potential for solar power production and small-scale hydrogen production in the area will also be examined. Tuulialfa has also began contract negotiations with the Poikajärvi reindeer herding cooperative.

The Meltaus project area covers approximately 500 hectares and the Elättivaara project covers 1700 hectares. In Elättivaara each turbine would be at least two kilometers away from the nearest residential building and one kilometer away from the nearest vacation home.

Rovaniemi does not have any wind parks yet.

Both projects have been approved by the Finnish Defence Forces

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