‘We call the shots,’ premier tells Arctic forum

By Arctic Business Journal - August 30, 2022
Greenlandic premier Múte B Egede addresses the Arctic Circle Forum in Nuuk on 27 August (📸: Naalakkersuisut)

DEVELOPMENT IN GREENLAND and the Arctic must be led by Greenland itself, the premier, Múte B Egede, said on Saturday in his opening address to a gathering of national and foreign decision makers in Nuuk to attend the Arctic Circle Forum.

“The eyes of the whole world are directed towards the North and in the past few years we have noticed an increasing interest in the Arctic and Greenland,” Mr Egede said. “Foreign lawmakers, business people, tourists and more are all beating a path to Greenland. And everyone is welcome, but it must be on our terms.”

The Arctic Circle Forum is a spin-off of the annual Arctic Circle Assembly, billed as the largest recurring event focusing on Arctic issues. This is the second Arctic Circle Forum to be held in Greenland. When the 2016 Arctic Circle forum was held, it was reckoned to be largest event the country had ever held.

The 2022 Nuuk Arctic Circle Forum focused on climate, prosperity, foreign affairs and progress, according to the event’s organisers.

Mr Edged said: “We are part of the global community and thus we are continuously seeking to strengthen and expand our circle of friendships and partners, especially among our closest neighbours. The Self-Rule Authority aims to see Greenland and our role in creating a peaceful and sustainable development for our society be included into our conversation about the Arctic and Arctic co-operation.”