WATCH: Green Hydrogen and Alaska’s Energy Future

By Arctic Business Journal - January 24, 2023

Press release from Launch Alaska

How could green hydrogen power Alaska’s future? The opportunities are exciting. At Launch Alaska, we’re inspired by green hydrogen’s vast potential for sustainable power and our state’s economic growth.

Because collaboration is key to making development a reality, we teamed up with researchers and private business for a recent educational webinar focused on integrating renewably sourced hydrogen — called green hydrogen — into Alaska’s energy future. Hosted by Launch Alaska and Commonwealth North’s Energy Policy Study Group, the webinar included presentations from Launch Alaska CEO Isaac Vanderburg, Dr. Erin Whitney from the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP), and Peter Barnes, business development director at ZeroAvia, a participant in Launch Alaska’s current Tech Deployment Track cohort.

All three organizations share an interest in exploring green hydrogen in Alaska: Launch Alaska is committed to decarbonizing systems of energy, transportation, and industry, ACEP heads the Alaska Hydrogen Energy Working Group, and ZeroAvia is working to bring its zero-emission hydrogen electric airplane powertrain to the Alaska market, having recently signed deals with Ravn Alaska and Alaska Air Group.

Watch the full presentation via the video below.

Thank you to Commonwealth North for collaborating with us on this event, which we hope is the first of many to come.

Originally published on 3 January.

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