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Vendor Junction & ICTOulu Collaboration

January 17, 2023

Press release from ICTOulu

Vendor Junction is excited to announce its collaboration with ICTOulu to promote the Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) Program Funding Grant to Oulu-based companies for international business opportunities across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The program is open to startups, SMEs, and mid-size companies looking to expand their business internationally.

Beyond Borders Accelerator Program is a Process-Oriented, Structured, Commercial Excellence and Technical Expertise Service (GEOS) designed to fast-track scalable and sustainable revenue for growth in international markets within 6 months with established in-country business partnerships, channel sales ecosystem, and structured business processes.

To learn more and apply for Beyond Borders Accelerator (BBA) Program, please visit https://vendorjunctiongroup.com/bb-accelerator-program/

Jarmo Jarvenpaa | Jussi Leponiemi | Sayed Jawed

Originally published on 16 January.

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