Uniper paves a path for the future of work with Haltian Empathic Building

November 30, 2022

Press release from Haltian

Uniper's Haltian Empathic Building digital twin smart office solution

International energy company Uniper uses Haltian Empathic Building smart office solution at several locations, including their headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company wants to understand better how their employees use the office spaces.

If there’s one thing COVID has taught us, is that working is no longer tied to the office and many people wish for more freedom in choosing where they work. Nevertheless, the importance of human connection in working life has also become more apparent, and companies are now looking for new ways of offering the best possible employee experiences and finding out how their employees want to use their offices.

The past two years of working from home and trying out hybrid work acted as a catalyst for Uniper too to begin a process of rethinking the way they want to work in the future. To make their process clear and transparent, Uniper launched the NewNormal project which means more empowerment and autonomy for employees, taking on new digital tools and designing new kinds of working environments. The NewNormal is all about increased flexibility about how, when, and where to work. This implies intentional planning as a team and as individuals regarding when to work remotely and when to spend time in the office.

To get utilization data and efficiently organize hybrid working, Uniper has begun to use the Haltian Empathic Building digital twin first at their headquarters in Düsseldorf and now in three other sites in Germany and in the United Kingdom. With Empathic Building, Uniper employees can easily book desks and meeting rooms when they’re working at the office. In addition, Uniper gets real-time data on when and which desks and meeting rooms are used, which enables them to plan their office design better to meet people’s needs.

Uniper's digital twin office solution with room info

Uniper Headquarters has two buildings with 2500 employees and 2000 desks of which 75% are so-called flexible desks for hybrid working. The first step with Empathic Building has been introducing desk booking for flexible desks at the office. The free desks are visible in the company’s digital twin from where they can be easily booked when people know they will visit the office. At Uniper the flexible desks have freed up 30% of office space for other functions, such as networking and shared areas.

“We chose Haltian Empathic Building for its excellent user interface. It’s a fresh, gamified office application that people really enjoy using”, Patrick comments.

Uniper is planning on rolling our Empathic Building worldwide in their offices. More future use cases will be integrating Uniper’s visitor management and asset tracking into Empathic Building, using the broad portfolio of the Haltian ecosystem.


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Originally published on 30 November.

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