UK’s Prince Harry visits marines in the Arctic on Valentine’s Day

Harry is Captain General of the Royal Marines, whose Commando Helicopter Force is training in Northern Norway.

By Reuters - February 15, 2019

LONDON — Britain’s Prince Harry flew to the Arctic on Valentine’s Day to meet the Royal Marines and learn about special freezing-weather helicopter commando exercises.

Harry, who is Captain General of the Royal Marines, visited northern Norway where he reviewed the Commando Helicopter Force which operates in temperatures as low as minus 30 Celsius.

“This is the first time His Royal Highness has visited Joint Helicopter Command since becoming Captain General and it is great that he is doing the visit while we’re in Norway,” said Warrant Officer 1st Class Adrian Shepherd, who has served with force for 27 years.

“It is good for the people out here to see their hard work recognized during a significant year for the exercise,” he added.

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Harry married Meghan Markle last year and they are expecting their first child this Spring.

The Royal Marines, known as green berets, are Britain’s elite amphibious fighting force and are routinely deployed to some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world.

The Commando Helicopter Force provides aerial support to the marines and practices in the Arctic every year.

As part of the training, personnel must complete cold weather survival courses including ice-breaking — jumping into a frozen lake and getting themselves and their gear out of the icy water.

Writing by Guy Faulconbridge.