U.S. aircraft headed to Greenland grounded in Iqaluit

The plane was unable to land at Thule, the site of a U.S. air base in Greenland.

A U.S. aircraft, pictured here, was grounded in Iqaluit Thursday morning after it was unable to land in Thule, Greenland. Five crew members were on board and will be transported to a local hotel. (Emma Tranter / Nunatsiaq News)

A U.S. aircraft headed to Thule, Greenland, was grounded in Iqaluit on Thursday.

“Earlier today, a commercial U.S.-registered aircraft flying to Thule, Greenland, was unable to land and was diverted to Iqaluit,” Premier Joe Savikataaq said in a news release.

The plane, a freighter aircraft, had five crew members on board and was met by Canadian Border Services and Nunavut airport authorities, the release said.

“CBSA cleared the crew as they had no symptoms and temperatures were normal when taken on board,” the release said.

The Government of Nunavut and the chief public health officer were immediately notified of the diversion.

Using personal protective equipment, enhanced safety measures and physical distancing, the crew will be transported to a local hotel.

“They will be confined to their rooms with security, for the duration of their stay in Iqaluit,” the release said. There will be no interaction between crew members and the public.