Two new Business Finland programs: 6G Bridge and Decarbonized Cities

January 23, 2023

Press release from Business Finland

Business Finland launched two new large programs in the beginning of 2023. They are 6G Bridge for future smart and sustainable industries and societies, and Decarbonized Cities to help decarbonize cities worldwide.

6G Bridge and Decarbonized cities are Business Finland’s first programs to execute our new mission-related operations model for programmatic work. BF programs are our important strategic platforms where we activate, network, and serve BF customers for future growth and innovation. New BF programs are implementing BF mission’s roadmaps and the work for program preparation and now execution is done together in crosscutting BF program teams, says Hanna Rantala, Senior Director of Program Management.


The 6G Bridge program aims to make Finland the global leader in providing new value with 5G Advanced and 6G technologies for sustainable industries and societies. The 6G Bridge program encourages top-notch Finnish researchers and companies to increase radically both national and international collaboration – also outside the EU.

Key outcomes for the 6G program are e.g. that the Finnish intellectual property generated in 6G exceeds the amount generated with 5G, Finland is a leading country in international ICT talent and investment attraction, and  Finland has established the world’s 1st 6G test network which is widely recognized.

Target groups for the 6G program are e.g:

  • Business: ICT industry including large companies like Nokia and Ericsson
  • Research: 6G Finland, 6G Flagship, 5G Momentum, Allied ICT Finland, Academy of Finland, Technology Industries of Finland
  • Foreign companies that have the resources to invest in Finland

“6G Bridge program is a major building block of the Digital Native Finland mission. It will help Finland to maintain leadership in future connectivity and provide growth opportunities for our customers. I am especially happy that we already have a strong community behind 6G Bridge working towards common goals, says Janne Järvinen, Mission Lead, Digitalization.

The program will run from January 2023 until the end of 2026 with a planned budget of EUR 130 million for innovation funding.

The kick-off of the program on the  6th of February, 2023: Elements of 6g unleashed – Business Finland launches new program


Decarbonized Cities

The goal of the Decarbonized Cities program is to make Finland a recognized Decarbonized City solution provider and to help Finnish organizations to be attractive development and business partners globally. During the program demonstrations, piloting as well as implementation should take place in the target markets.

As cities are major contributors to climate change, the world’s decarbonization challenges have to be solved at city level. There is a gigantic market need for new solutions. The biggest decarbonization challenges of cities are related to energy use and production as well as transport & mobility. Target is to utilize digitalization to its full potential.

The program will enhance the creation of cross-sectoral solutions and offerings that cities need to reduce their CO2 emissions and to speed-up their energy transition. Cities in Finland and abroad can have a role as testing and reference platforms, and long-term relationships will be established with cities across the world.

  • Finnish start-ups, SMEs, and large companies
  • Finnish and non-Finnish partner cities
  • Finnish research institutes, universities, and universities of applied sciences
  • Finnish organizations in the field
  • public administration
  • international financiers of large projects

The program will run from early 2023 until the end of 2028 with a planned budget of EUR 150 million for innovation funding.

“We have excellent building blocks and expertise in Finland. Now we need more intensified and focused activities with long-term commitment to strengthen the sector. The target is that Finnish companies are strong players and wanted partners in the billion-dollar global city solution markets, says Helena Sarén, Head of Zero Carbon Future mission.



Head of 6g Bridge Program Pekka Rantala
pekka.rantala (at)
+358 40 503 8808

Head of Program Outi Suomi
+358 50 572 7530

Originally published on 23 January.

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