Tusass raises DKK 66 million in EU funding for seabed surveys

December 22, 2022

Press release from Tusass

Telecommunications infrastructure plays an increasingly important role in Greenlandic society, and there is an increased focus on security of supply in a world where new threats have emerged at the same time as we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile services and the internet as well as data traffic, which, in Greenland, primarily goes through the one digital lifeblood we have – namely the submarine cable. During the submarine cable repairs in 2019 and during the most recent summer, Greenland was reminded that internet is essential for both business and for us to be able to watch both football matches, Christmas fun and be on video calls. It’s incredible to think that all this data and information goes through a cable in the ocean.

The submarine cable used today in Greenland, is already more than a decade old. To assess the possibility of strengthening the security of seafaring with new redundant submarine cables around the west coast of Greenland, it is first necessary to carry out seabed surveys. The planning of this work has started as part of Tusass Strategy towards 2024, and Tusass Chairman Ulrik Blidorf emphasizes that

·       It is essential for the future of digital opportunities in Greenland to focus on the possibility of redundant submarine cables, which is why this is a central part of Tusass’ Strategy towards 2024. It is costly but very important for a digital society and therefore of great importance that the EU supports the seabed studies for new redundant submarine cables.

As a follow-up to the EU’s commitment of funds for studies on the establishment of redundant systems with an additional submarine cable that connects South and North Greenland, Naalakersuisoq Erik Jensen says:

·    Submarine cables are a crucial element in the part of our infrastructure that supports telecommunications and a broken submarine cable challenges our ability to communicate and retrieve information. Therefore, we greatly appreciate all initiatives that can contribute to creating greater security in this respect.
We are grateful for the good cooperation between my department and the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure (SDFI), which has led the EU to allocate these funds for the development of security of supply and redundant connections at Tusass.
Tusass Chairman Ulrik Blidorf thanks Tusass’ management and employees for their efforts.

·    It has been important to me and the board that we continue to have this work. We are now succeeding in securing these additional funds from the EU thanks to the persistent efforts of Tusass’ management and staff. It’s great news and a great Christmas gift to receive.

In Tusass’ management, we also find it difficult to stop celebrating and CEO Kristian Reinert Davidsen says shortly after the signing that

·    I am incredibly proud of our team, and it is now also a commitment that we at Tusass take on this task and have full focus on now examining the seabed around the west coast of Greenland to assess how new redundant submarine cables can best be installed. It is also important for Tusass that we, in dialogue with fishermen and scientists, can complete this task in the best possible way for the benefit of Greenlandic society.

Originally published on 21 December.

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