🇳🇴 Tromsø Uncovered: An Introduction to the Capital of the Arctic

By Misha Radkevitch - June 29, 2023 Pro Tromsø and Tromsø Chamber of Commerce

This is the first article in a new series by Pro Tromsø and the Tromsø Chamber of Commerce, highlighting northern Norway’s unique innovative capabilities through a number of interviews with cutting-edge start-ups and the people behind them, profiles of leading companies, and insight into the entrepreneurial work being undertaken in the capital of the Arctic. 

The first article, from the CEOs of the respective companies Gøril Johansen and Trude Nilsen, offers readers an overview of what Tromsø has to offer across a number of important economic sectors. 

Tromsø is the largest city in Northern Norway, a national hub for earth observation, and the Arctic capital. It’s a powerhouse in the north. Rich natural resources combined with competence, a young and highly educated population, and innovative companies provide unique business opportunities. In a challenging time for security policy, sustainable economic growth combined with strong and viable communities in the north is not only important for the region but also crucial for the security of the entire country. Supporting growth is not a demanding task because the potential for value creation in the region is enormous.

We have Norway’s largest fishing port, while companies in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors supply seafood to the global market. The agriculture, reindeer husbandry industries also provide pure raw materials, as do a host of innovative food producers. Did you know that Northern Norway is a growing destination for exciting food experiences? In a recent article in the New York Times, Tromsø was on a list of the 10 most attractive tourism destinations in the world.

We are proud of a tourism industry that has bounced back after demanding pandemic years and is achieving international recognition. Other distinctive features are a strong Sami community and a diverse cultural and sports city where a vibrant nightlife provides quality of life for visitors and locals alike. The local population covers more than 140 nationalities. Much of this is well known. Consequently, in this newspaper supplement we wish to mostly focus on showcasing new ventures and exciting innovation and technology environments that arise from Tromsø’s scientific communities. Being a university and research centre in the north is also a business opportunity.

When the solution to combatting cancer may lie in the cold waters of the Arctic, this is precisely because of world-leading biotechnology research in Tromsø. In the north, work takes place every single day in collaboration with national and international actors to strengthen the value creation for the good of the Norwegian economy. Cooperation with other cities and neighbouring municipalities is an important prerequisite for success, as many of the initiatives in the newspaper supplement show. Consequently, unified effort, optimism and innovation are important keywords when Tromsø, together with partners, rolls up its sleeves to be an engine for growth, development and green solutions.

Do you want to join the team? We warmly welcome people, new businesses and start-ups and investments.

Tromsø is open for business!

Gøril Johansen, CEO of ProTromsø. Photo: Marius Fiskum.
Trude Nilsen, CEO of the Troms Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Marius Fiskum.

This article was originally produced as sponsored content by Pro Tromsø in their appendix from the Norwegian Business Journal, produced in cooperation with the Tromsø Chamber of Commerce.

This article was originally published in Norwegian and has been translated by Pro Tromsø.

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