The spring temperatures in Russia and Norway break records


The spring of 2024  in the Russian North has been registered as the warmest in the history of weather observations, the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia reports

The anomaly when the temperature was 4 degrees warmer was detected in the Russian Arctic, around the group of islands called Severnaya Zemlya (Northern Land) in the Arctic Ocean. Meanwhile, according to the Centre, the average temperature in Western and Eastern parts of Russia has been normal.

The air around the group of islands Severnaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean has been 4.0 degrees warmer this spring.
Photo: the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia

“Normal” is also the way Norwegian meteorologists describe temperatures registered this spring in the North of Norway. Meanwhile, the South of Norway has experienced extreme warmth, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute reported.  

According to the scientists, May in Southern Norway was 4.0 degrees above normal. The north and west of southern Norway were at 7 degrees above normal.

“The temperatures in May have been so high in Norway that they were more like June…”  the Norwegian Meteorological Institute tweeted

The temperature in the Norwegian North was normal, meanwhile, the south was extremely warm in May. 
Photo: the Norwegian Meteorological Institute


“It is getting warmer in the world, and Norway is no exception. With the heat also comes torrential rain, and we will get more of that in the future, Hans Olav Hygen, climate researcher at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute told the Norwegian newspaper VG