The residual raw material company Kystmiljø and Rå Biopark enter into a partnership

February 1, 2023

Press release from Rå Biopark

Business developer Merrick Hartness Mordal (Rå Biopark), Christian Johansen, founder and general manager (Coastal environment), Technical manager Simon Ford (Rå Biopark) and Sander Slotterøy, operations manager (Coastal environment) agreed on cooperation at the start of 2023.

Kystmiljø and Rå Biopark have entered into a strategic collaboration to store and collect fish sludge from hatchery and food fish farms as a delivery to the biogas plant in Skibotn. This is responsible handling of fish sludge in Northern Norway.

– We are an entrepreneurial company started in 2016. Kystmiljø is specialized in collecting residual raw material from the aquaculture industry and has a very extensive standby fleet that is available around the clock, says Christian Johansen, founder and general manager of Kystmiljø.

Climate gain

– Ever since its establishment, the company has grown and now has over 20 in the team. We at Kystmiljø want to come up with new solutions that provide greater climate benefits than the solutions that exist today. Our company handles both the acquisition, production and sale of products.

– We have a strong focus on waste from aquaculture that is suitable for biogas, including fish sludge, and therefore we are very happy about such a cooperation agreement with Rå Biopark, says Johansen.

The general manager of Kystmiljø, Christian Johansen, is looking forward to a strategic collaboration with Rå Biopark.

Big value
Business developer Merrick Mordal started working for Rå Biopark at the end of December 2022, with a focus on the aquaculture industry and fish sludge.

– I sought out a collaboration with us in Kystmiljø on the basis of other customers’ good experiences. Kystmiljø is known for monitoring, analyzing and reporting on all types of waste that they collect. Kystmiljø takes ownership of residual raw material from the aquaculture industry and is very solution-oriented. In addition, they are ISCC certified and can guarantee traceability, says Mordal.-

This is without a doubt an important agreement for Rå Biopark. I am very happy that we have now reached an agreement where we agree on knowledge sharing that can be useful for both parties.

– We consider residues from the aquaculture industry to be resources, and would be more than happy to receive fish sludge for our biogas plant in Skibotn, together with other organic waste. For Rå Biopark, and sustainable biogas production in Northern Norway, it would be very valuable if fish sludge from the region could be included as raw material for the plant, concludes Mordal.

Business developer Merrick Mordal looks forward to working with Kystmiljø to utilize existing resources in the aquaculture industry, such as fish sludge. Photo: David Jensen

Knowledge and development
– With this, we want to be a supplier of fish sludge to Rå Biopark on what comes from aquaculture to them, which will produce biogas from, among other things, organic waste from households, industry, septic tanks, fat and fish sludge, says Johansen.

– We want to find the best solutions for our customers and how to take care of the resources in the maritime industry to the next level. We want to do this through research and innovation, so that we can secure the best knowledge to develop new value chains that safeguard resources as best as possible, adds Johansen about the investment in the maritime industry.

– Kystmiljø also works on several different projects based on customer requests or ideas that arise internally within the company. These include projects in close collaboration with national and international research environments. Right now, research is being carried out, among other things, on methods to avoid the use of formic acid and to find new areas of application for the raw material, concludes Johansen.

Coastal environment collects residues such as fish silage, kelp and sludge. In addition, they have equipment rental.

Originally published on 26 January.

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