Tailor-made for Norway: New NOMADS air defence system now tested in the Arctic


The NOMADS is a highly mobile, ground-based air defence system tailor-made for the Norwegian Army, system developer KONGSBERG informs.

Testing of the system now takes place at Andøya, the far northern island that soon will house Norway’s new base for long-range drones.

The NOMADS is based on technology from NASAMS, the system that has won acclamation  for its high efficiency against Russian missiles launched against Ukraine.  It includes a radar, operational room and a launcher system with missile, all of it mounted on an armored combat support vehicle.

The amphibious vehicles are able to keep high speed also in difficult terrain and engage enemy targets.

“The Army needs modern air defence in order to be able to combat a high-tech opponent,”representative of the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency Jarle Nergård says in a comment.


Short-range air defense system NOMADS is highly mobile and will be key part of Norway’s strengthened defense capacity. Photo: The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency


“The reestablishment of air defence for the Army has therefore been a priority, and that is the backdrop for the contract signed with Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace in 2019,” he explains.

According to KONGSBERG, the NOMADS is designed to protect army manoeuvre units close to the frontline against increasingly complex aerial threats.

“NOMADS can defend against small, short-range targets as drones and cruise missiles, providing unique protection against threats like those currently seen in Ukraine, says Kjetil Reiten Myhra, Executive Vice President Defence Systems, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

“Its configuration is designed for rapid movement over rough terrain and with unprecedented into-action-time,” he adds.

Following Norway’s donation of IRIS-T missiles to Ukraine, Norway intends to apply AIM-9X missiles for the new air defense system.

The testing of the NOMADS comes as Norway is in the process of making a major upgrade of its air defense capabilities. The country’s recently adopted long-term Defence Plan stipulates a doubling of Surface-to-Air missile system power. The upgrade includes improved versions of the NASAMS.