🇫🇮 Solving product marking for circular economy with sustainable and cost-effective laser technology – Cajo Technologies receives financing from Nefco

March 20, 2023

Press release from Cajo Technologies


Solving product marking for circular economy with sustainable and cost-effective laser technology – Cajo Technologies receives financing from Nefco

Cajo Technologies’ innovative laser marking technology enables reliable traceability of material flows and helps close the loops in the circular economy. The chemical-free solution decreases the carbon footprint by 90 % compared with inkjet printers. The Nordic Green Bank Nefco finances Cajo and helps the company answer the growing demand for sustainable product marking and traceability solutions.

Nefco – the Nordic Green Bank has granted loan financing to Cajo Technologies, the laser marking technology company based in Northern Finland. Financing from Nefco will help Cajo scale up forerunning and patented technology on global markets and respond to the growing need for traceability in the circular economy sector. A short partnership video presentation by Nefco can be viewed here.

The environmental benefit from Cajo’s laser marking technology comes from improved traceability, a vital component of the circular economy. Patented Cajo laser marking and coding technology can be used to mark virtually any material on the planet sustainably and cost-efficiently.

“More than 2 million companies use barcodes and QR codes to identify products, resulting in more than 5 billion tracing codes scanned daily to manage quality, recalls, liability, inefficiencies and cost savings. Counterfeiting costs billions of euros every year. Pirated products put the health and safety of consumers worldwide at risk while robbing businesses, governments and communities of profits, tax revenues and legitimate jobs. Environmentally friendly marking systems are a major trend supported by regulations and user demand factors. Readable and permanent markings advance resource efficiency in the whole value chain, reduce material waste and enable an effective circular economy,” says Niko Karsikas, the CEO and founder of Cajo Technologies.

In addition to tightening requirements for product traceability, the manufacturing industry is constantly looking for solutions that can increase the degree of automation of production processes, improve product quality, and increase cost efficiency. Complex production, logistics and processing chains require the most accurate and real-time quality management and material flow monitoring – both in the companies’ internal production processes and throughout the processing chains.

Cajo’s lasers with flexible software solutions are available for all industrial marking purposes, covering the needs for traceability, identification, and product markings. Cajo’s technology enables producers and end-users to track and monitor all steps involved in the development of a finished product, from the procurement stage of raw materials to production, and consumption all the way to the disposal of goods and reuse of the materials. Due to its cost-efficiency, sustainability, and durability, Cajo’s flexible technology has many application areas for example in the packaging, paper, metal, cable and wire industry, EV battery manufacturing, and medical and consumer electronics.

Cajo Tailor Fiber™ laser marking unit can be integrated efficiently into a production line to improve manufacturing processes.

“Cajo Technologies is a fast-growing SME and ready to scale up its environment-driven solution on international markets, which is a great match for Nefco. The share of circular economy projects in our SME portfolio is increasing. Enabling solutions, such as Cajo’s, is key to furthering circularity so we are very delighted to support Cajo’s global growth,” says Helena Lähteenmäki, Investment Director at Nefco.

The environmental impact of Cajo’s solution stems from improved traceability, which is important for a well-functioning circular economy. The technology enables machine-readable traceability markings that last throughout a product’s life cycle even in challenging conditions. Furthermore, Cajo’s chemical-free marking technology saves valuable resources, increases product recyclability and decreases the carbon footprint of industrial labelling by 90 % compared to industrial inkjet printers. Laser marking can be also used to ensure the quality and authenticity of products to prevent safety risks and greenwashing related to counterfeiting.

In 2022, Cajo opened a subsidiary in India as part of the company’s growth and internationalisation strategy. Cajo CEO Niko Karsikas is excited about the partnership and continuing on the road towards a greener future.

“The financing process and cooperating with Nefco has been smooth. Nefco’s support and the cooperation project complement our funding base and growth strategy well. Our key focus remains the same: to replace traditional marking methods with Cajo’s additive-free solutions and significantly increase our market share in selected industries. Now we can scale up our operations even more effectively and develop more cost-efficient solutions that will improve production processes, product quality, and the circular economy. Together with Nefco, we will accelerate the green transition for the global manufacturing industry.”

Cajo MakeBright™ is a patent-pending new product marking technology by Cajo Technologies offered to Packaging Manufacturers globally. By using Cajo’s cost-efficient technology, packaging manufacturers can replace inkjets and the need for additives when marking and coding cardboard material. The highly sustainable technology can save hundreds of millions of litres of ink, glue and label mass per year and improve recyclability. Read an insightful article on Cajo MakeBright™ here.

Manufacturers who want to save valuable resources and help conserve the environment with cost-effective and sustainable marking solutions can contact Cajo here.


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About Nefco

Nefco is an international financial institution, the Nordic Green Bank, that finances the initial scale-up of Nordic green solutions on global markets. Founded in 1990 by the five Nordic countries, Nefco has already financed and implemented over 1,500 projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean water and sanitation, waste management and cleaner industrial processes, among others. To date, more than 600 Nordic growth companies have received financing from Nefco to scale up their green technologies and solutions on global markets. Nefco serves the interests of our owners, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and works with concrete actions to accelerate the green transition aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement, the EU Green Deal and the Nordic Vision 2030.

Read more about Nefco at www.nefco.int.


About Cajo Technologies

Cajo Technologies is an international technology company that provides manufacturers with the best and most sustainable product marking solutions for any need. Cajo’s comprehensive laser marking systems have been delivered to more than 60 countries and are used by market-leading companies worldwide. The remarkably cost-efficient lasers and flexible software solutions are available for all industrial marking purposes, covering the needs for traceability, identification, and product markings.

The company has a patented method for marking colour and traceability markings without additives. Cajo’s intelligent technology enables significant added value for material producers and other processors. The reliable solutions enable products a long life cycle and almost service-free operation when replacing inkjet, label, engraving, etching, and painting methods. Typical investment payback time is under 8 months.

Cajo’s high-quality technology enables reliable machine-readable traceability markings that last throughout the product’s life cycle even in challenging conditions. The chemical-free marking technology enables manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of industrial labelling by 90 % compared with for example industrial inkjet printers.

Read more about how sustainable Cajo Laser compares with inkjet in the Macon 2020 report here.


Originally published on 16 March.

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