Ship bookings indicate record year for cruise industry

By Alexander Norfolk - January 31, 2022


197 cruise ships are booked to visit Akureyri, Grímsey, and/or Hrísey this summer, with a total of around 200,000 passengers on board. Faxaflóahafnir, which runs harbours in the capital region, has 194 ships booked, with 219,000 passengers.

According to Fréttablaðið, if the bookings remain as planned, 2022 will be a record year for the cruise industry in Iceland and the number of passengers in these two regions of the country—and a Particularly dramatic contrast to last summer, when only 32,000 cruise passengers visited Akureyri and the other Eyjafjörður ports.

According to Pétur Ólafsson, the head of the association of North Iceland ports, direct revenue from cruise ships in the region will approach half a billion krónur if all bookings are maintained.

It is estimated that total takings, direct and indirect, connected to all cruise ship visits in Iceland could amount to as much as 30 billion krónur this year. The forecast is made with certain assumptions about the pandemic and its progress that may or may not prove accurate, its authors note.

The original article can be found on the RUV news website