🇸🇪 Several research projects from Luleå University of Technology on prestigious IVA 100 List 2023

May 12, 2023

Press release from Luleå University of Technology

IVA100 2023 engThe Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA, has announced its 100 List of research projects deemed to have great potential for commercialisation, business and method development or societal impact. Five of the 79 research projects on the list are from Luleå University of Technology.

This year’s list gathers research projects that address technology in the service of humankind in the fields of climate transition, energy supply, welfare technology, cybersecurity and crisis preparedness.

“We are delighted and honoured to have several research projects in the field of technology on the IVA 100 List this year. It goes to show that we are at the cutting edge of research in the technological areas in question and that we are benefitting both individuals and society as a whole,” says Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

The following research projects from Luleå University of Technology are on this year’s 100 list:

Cyber-safe behavior for business’s digital process
Category: Business models
Responsible breeders: Johan Lugnet, Åsa Ericson, Anton Holmström, Simon Andersson

Lindometer-A Train Based System for Railway Infrastructure Monitoring
Category: Infrastructure
Responsible researchers: Praneeth Chandran, Matti Rantatalo, Florian Thiery, Johan Odelius, Håkan Lind, Anders Thornemo, Olavi Kumpulainen, Ulf Ranggard

Ultratunna zeolitmembran för gasseparation
Kategori: Deep tech
Ansvarig forskare: Jonas Hedlund, Liang Yu

Unification of Ground and Aerial Robots for creating advanced emergency response missions after a crisis
Category:Deep tech
Responsible researchers: George Nikolakopoulos, Björn Lindqvist

Recycling of textiles
Category: Circular economy
Responsible researcher: Kristiina Oksman, Luisa Völtz

The theme of the hundred list

This year’s IVA 100 List recognises research projects seeking to ensure that future innovations facilitate rather than threaten the economical and equitable use of the Earth’s limited resources, as well as increased sustainability, circularity, gender equality, democracy, security, health and wellbeing for humanity. The 79 research projects on the list have been selected after a thorough nomination and selection process based on a number of criteria related to creating value for industry and society.

“There is incredibly good research in Sweden with the potential to improve the world with the aid of new technology. For this year’s 100 List, IVA’s selection committee has chosen the most promising research projects that are considered to have great potential for commercial and societal benefits,” explains IVA member Marianne Dicander Alexandersson, chair of the steering group.

About the IVA 100 List

The 100 List is compiled by Research2Business (R2B), an IVA project that works to ensure that Sweden is at the forefront of translating academic research in the domains technology and economics into commercial innovation and competitive advantage. The 100 List was launched to celebrate IVA’s centenery in 2019, hence the name. The selection committee consists of some 40 members of IVA’s network of representatives from academia, industry and the public sector. The project is a collaboration with Vinnova, the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV), the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Knowledge Foundation, Almi and the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions.

Originally published on 10 May.

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