🇸🇪 Saab strengthens defense capabilities and local development

January 15, 2024

Två leende män i kostym klipper ett rött band vid en invigningsceremoni inne i en stor industrihall med åskådare i bakgrunden.

Saab Dynamics has now opened its doors in Boden, an establishment that aims not only to increase Sweden’s defense capability but also to develop Boden as a location.

Saab’s establishment in Boden was announced in the fall of 2023 and marks an important milestone for the region. On January 9, their service facility on the old AF 1 site, now known as Boden Plug & Play, was inaugurated.

– In particular, we will carry out remedial maintenance on ground materials. This can include anti-aircraft systems, artillery, vehicles and vehicle parts. The goal is to get closer to the customer, which in this case is the Swedish Armed Forces, and Boden is a great place to be,” says Per Nyqvist, site manager at Saab MRO Arctic Boden.

He stresses that their presence in Boden not only strengthens Sweden’s defense capabilities, but also contributes to the local economy by creating new jobs and bringing specialist skills to the region.

– We are in a hiring phase and have plans to have up to 15 highly qualified technicians by the end of the year,” says Per Nyqvist.

Boden’s unique location, in the middle of the North Calotte, is not only strategically important from a defense perspective, but also ideal for companies that want to be part of the green transition in an Arctic environment. The city’s commitment to sustainable development, combined with a growing presence of defense-related activities, creates a unique opportunity for companies to participate in a dynamic and forward-looking business environment.

“Will grow”

– A very positive day. Boden is growing and the Armed Forces in Boden are growing. Saab fits very well into the picture and we believe that it is one of our many companies that will grow gradually,” says Claes Nordmark, Mayor of Boden.

Saab’s establishment is also welcomed by Nils Johansson, head of the garrison in Boden.

– The establishment is an excellent complement to the existing workshops. Saab will be able to offer expertise in certain areas that we do not have and vice versa. A complement that means we get a better status for our material,” he says.

Boden’s strategic location has historically made it a strong garrison town. After previous defense cuts, the city has now taken a new direction, positioning itself as a key player in both national security and green innovation. Boden offers a unique combination of strategic location, technological expertise and a strong commitment to sustainability, making us an ideal location for companies that want to be at the forefront of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Originally published on 10 January by Saab.

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