🇸🇪 🇫🇮 Ruukki to deliver first-ever building products made of fossil-free steel

June 22, 2023

Press release from SSAB

Ruukki Construction, part of SSAB Group, is the first in the world to pilot the use of fossil-free steel in building products together with selected customers. The world’s first roof and wall structures made of fossil-free steel will be delivered to strategic customers in Sweden and Finland starting from the third quarter of 2023.

Ruukki will deliver the first ever sandwich panels, façade claddings and roofing products made of fossil-free steel to carefully selected customers who have a strong sustainability agenda. The pilot products made of fossil-free steel will be manufactured at Ruukki’s plants in Alajärvi and Vimpeli in Finland, Pärnu in Estonia and in the Plannja’s Järnforsen plant in Sweden. Emissions originating in the manufacturing phase will be minimized by using green energy and choosing material and logistics options with the lowest possible environmental impact.

“We strive to lead the steel industry toward a decarbonized future. Construction is one of the most important steel-using industries and accounts for more than 50% of global steel demand. By introducing fossil-free steel into building products, we can together help the construction and real estate sector to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment,” says Thomas Hörnfeldt, VP Sustainable Business at SSAB.

“As part of SSAB, we are extremely proud to be the first company in the world to deliver fossil-free steel building products to customers. The use of fossil-free raw material will radically reduce the life cycle impact of our products; however, it is only a part of what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact. We are constantly striving to develop our processes and offering as well as collaborate with like-minded partners with the aim of delivering carbon-neutral construction products to our customers in the future,” says Sami Eronen, President of Ruukki Construction.

In line with its sustainability pledge made already in 2019, Ruukki is committed to being the first company to offer building products made of fossil-free steel. Ruukki has systematically reduced the emissions of its operations, with the aim of achieving a 25 percent reduction in emissions by 2026. The multi-annual investment program aims to minimize the environmental impact of operations and product range in the future.

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Sami Eronen, President, Ruukki Construction