Russia’s Norilsk sees a heatwave

It's not the first heatwave to hit Siberia this year.

By Denis Kozhevnikov, TASS - July 28, 2021

Residents of the Russian Arctic city of Norilsk spent time in and around Lake Dolgoye on Tuesday, as temperatures in the region soared.

The lake is used for water discharge from Norilsk‘s Central Heating and Power Plant No. 1, but was used for swimming on July 27 as the temperature in the city reached 30 degrees Celsius.

An industrial hub in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, Norilsk is one of the largest cities in the Arctic, and was the site of a major fuel spill last year.

This isn’t the first heatwave to hit Siberia. An stretch of hot weather brought record temperatures to Arctic regions of Yakutia (also known as the Sakha Republic) last month.

Those high temperatures are one factor in an acute wildfire season that has burned across broad swathes of the Russian Arctic this summer, from Karelia to Yakutia.