Russian caught for taking photos of military object in northern Norway

By admin - February 26, 2024 The Independent Barents Observer

The area where the person took photos was marked with a ban on photographing and flying drones, the police informed in a short statement on Monday.

The police will not elaborate on the exact location of photographing, but it happened somewhere in northern Norway. 

When he arrived in Kirkenes, the border town, police stopped him. 

Tarjei Sirma-Tellefsen is Chief of Staff with the Police in Finnmark. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

“It was personnel with the armed forces that called the police and the man was stopped in the center of Kirkenes,” says Chief of Staff with the Police in Finnmark, Tarjei Sirma-Tellefsen.

Norway’s Security Police recently published a report warning that Russian intelligence has a special interest in military installations and allied military activity.

The large Norway-led exercise Nordic Response is soon to kick-off in Finnmark region. 

After being fined 5,000 kroner [€438], the man was expelled from Norway over Storskog crossing on Monday. The police provide no further details on what kind of military object the man took photos of.