Reports published by Arion Bank for 2021

By mcghee - February 16, 2022

February 16 2022: Arion Bank has published its Annual and Sustainability Report and Pillar 3 Risk Disclosures for 2021. The reports are in digital format and are therefore available on the Bank’s website. The Annual Financial Statements for 2021 were published on 9 February and are also available on the Bank’s website.

In addition to coverage of the activities of the Bank, its main projects and financial results for 2021, the Annual and Sustainability Report also contains information on human resources, environmental and climate issues, green finance and non-financial information disclosed in line with GRI Core and guidelines from Nasdaq Nordic on which Deloitte provided an opinion with limited assurance.


Arion Bank’s Pillar 3 Risk Disclosures describe in detail the main risk factors in the Bank’s operations and they contain comprehensive information on the Bank’s risk management and capital adequacy. They also contain information on the Bank’s governance structure with respect to risk, and the Bank’s remuneration policy.

Pillar 3 Risk Disclosures 2021

Arion Bank has published an Impact and Allocation Report for the Bank’s Green Financing Framework for 2021. The sustainability team at EY in Iceland advised on the report and also performed the calculations of the environmental and climate impact of green projects. Deloitte has provided limited assurance that Arion Bank’s allocation of net proceeds from Green Financing Instruments are used to finance loans that meet the criteria of the Bank’s Green financing framework for the year 2021.

Impact and Allocation Report 2021

The original publication can be found at the Arion Bank website.