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April 19, 2023

Press release from Landsvirkjun

Írafoss Power Station
Írafoss Power Station

Landsvirkjun has entered into an agreement with the Japanese company Internet Initiative Japan, Inc. (IIJ) to install a micro data centre (MDC).

MDCs is an equipment that IIJ has developed and can be installed quickly and almost everywhere. The equipment is approximately the size of a refrigerator, has the same properties as a typical data centre, and offers remote monitoring in real-time.

The collaboration between the companies includes installing and testing the equipment that IIJ has developed at the Írafossstöð power station in Iceland during the next twelve months. The telecommunications company Farice has supported the project.

IIJ emphasises supporting sustainable development. Therefore, the company chose Iceland to test the new equipment powered with renewable energy from Landsvirkjun. Furthermore, the climate in Iceland is practical for operations such as these, and the location is excellent, according to IIJ.

In 1992, IIJ established Japan’s first internet service provider. The company has 13,000 customers, domestically and globally. In addition, the company offers comprehensive IT services and solutions, e.g., network access, cloud services, security solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, live broadcasting solutions, etc.

Landsvirkjun generates electricity using renewable energy sources, including hydropower, geothermal energy, and wind power. The state owned company operates fifteen hydropower stations, three geothermal power stations and two wind turbines for research purposes in five operating area.

Hörður Arnarson, CEO Landsvirkjun:

“At Landsvirkjun, we are excited to partner with a prestigious company like IIJ, and we see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to showcase the capabilities of our energy and technology sectors. This project perfectly aligns with our focus on leveraging renewable energy resources to drive digital innovation and progress. We are thrilled to have the chance to contribute to developing IIJ’s micro data centre Proof of Concept. We look forward to working together to bring this project to fruition and to explore further possibilities for collaboration in the future.”


Yoshikazu Yamai, Director of Infrastructure and innovation engineering division IIJ Europe, Ltd.:

“At IIJ, we are committed to expanding our services onto the global stage, using the potential of Icelandic renewable energy and our technology. We are ready to tackle the challenges of the future and are fully dedicated to pursuing it with determination, innovation, and excellence.”

Originally published on 17 April.

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