🇸🇪 RemotiveLabs secures €900,000 investment

June 17, 2024
Per Sigurdson, CEO (far left) and Aleksandar Filipov, CTO (far right) with the agile and fast-moving team outside the RemotiveLabs’ offices in Media Evolution City, Malmö.

RemotiveLabs secures new investment to left-shift automotive software development

RemotiveLabs, focused on bringing modern software patterns and new ways of working into the automotive industry, has closed a second investment of €900k. The funding is sought to further enhance the company’s unique transformative approach to help automotive software developers speed up the path to Software Defined Vehicles.

RemotiveLabs’ lightweight tooling allows software teams to leverage vehicle virtualization and seamlessly switch between environments using open standards such as the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) and modern practices such as containerization, gRPC, and cloud collaboration. An iterative approach throughout the entire development cycle is crucial to have the software quality in place at the start of production. RemotiveLabs enables early integration testing on every developer’s laptop and allows the same tests to be run in continuous integration pipelines. “This is standard in other industries but has so far been unattainable in the automotive world” comments RemotiveLabs’ founder and CTO Aleksander Filipov. “Virtualizing ECUs and entire vehicle networks significantly increase the ability to find and resolve a majority of software issues early on” he adds.

The investment round includes both new and previous investors. Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Almi Invest and Truckdoktorn AB were part of RemotiveLabs’ first round at the end of 2022. RemotiveLabs is being recognized as one of the key enablers within Volvo Cars and other automotive OEMs and tech companies to set developers up for success. New investors Sandberg Development and S-E-Bankens Utvecklingsstiftelse see this investment as part of an increased focus on software solutions within their respective portfolios as well as the need to address software challenges and opportunities in the mobility sector.

RemotiveLabs’ CEO and co-founder, Per Sigurdson, highlights the company’s distinctive developer-centric approach: “We’ve set out to transform how software is built in the automotive industry. Our target is to enable each and every automotive software developer to get-stuff-done in a virtual environment, where they can experiment, deploy and test their software, and then move the well-worked-through software to the Physical Twin (=the vehicle hardware platform)”.

About RemotiveLabs
RemotiveLabs empowers automotive engineers by providing modern and flexible tools for software development. The company was founded in 2020 with a vision to democratize vehicle software development through modern software patterns, unlocking virtualization & collaborative approaches.

Contact information: CMO Carin Lagerstedt [email protected], +46706254464

Originally published on 12 June by RemotiveLabs.

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