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March 3, 2023

Press release from Oulu Health

Oulu Health | HIMSS

Nordea and the partners of the SUPERFINNS® concept have selected Oulu-based QuietOn for the sparring program of Kasvu Open.

The SUPERFINNS sparring program is aimed at Finnish SMEs that have proven their market potential and have the ability to do an international breakthrough. The program is free of charge and its main goal is to boost companies’ finances and international growth.

The jury panel have chosen 15 ambitious companies from the pool of 48 applications. The companies were evaluated based on four criteria:

  • market potential
  • ability to grow
  • references
  • team

The winner of the program will be announced in June. The SUPERFINN of the year will receive:

  • the SUPERFINN of the year 2023 title
  • visibility through Kasvu Open and Nordea: news about success, and a company story on both organizations’ websites
  • Nordea Personal Advisor for the year 2023 – themes of finance and internationalization
  • participation in the Slush 2023 event
  • video interview for Kasvu Open’s and Nordea’s Tarinoita yrittäjistä series

The companies chosen for the SUPERFINNS program come from a wide range of industries – from information and communication to manufacturing. OuietOn represents the health and wellbeing sector. The company has developed one-of-a-kind earplugs that combine active noise cancellation with acoustic noise attenuation to create silence.

Fingers crossed for QuietOn to win!

Source: Kavu Open

Originally published on 2 March.

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