Quantum computing campaign launched

December 12, 2022

Press release from Business Finland

Business Finland has launched a campaign to develop quantum computing expertise in Finland. The two-year Quantum Computing campaign provides a total of EUR 15 million for quantum computing development projects.

The aim of the Quantum Computing campaign is to build a globally attractive Finnish ecosystem for solving the business challenges of Finnish and foreign companies through quantum computing. The campaign is aimed at Finnish startups, SMEs, and large companies that solve significant problems through quantum computing. Foreign startups, SMEs, and large companies that register in Finland and join the Finnish quantum computing ecosystem can apply for funding from the Quantum Computing campaign. Research organizations working with quantum software, algorithms, and hybrid computing can also apply for funding from the campaign.

The EUR 15 million innovation funding provided through the Quantum Computing campaign includes, for example, grant-based Proof of Concept funding to verify the functionality of a product or solution, as well as loan funding for commercialization following the Proof of Concept project. Other services of the campaign include peer learning training and access to offering material for international buyers and investors.

– Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize the future of humanity in ways that are difficult to even imagine yet – from climate change modeling and optimized transport routes to the development of entirely new medicines. However, quantum computing is only taking its first steps as an industry, and it needs Business Finland’s innovation funding services, international investments, and an ecosystem of its own to grow. The Quantum Computing campaign responds to precisely these growth challenges. We invite you to join in making Finnish quantum computing a success story – feel free to contact us. If you want to join the campaign mailing list, please contact topias.vainio (at) businessfinland.fi, says the Head of Quantum Computing Outi Keski-Äijö from Business Finland.


Outi Keski-Äijö
outi.keski-aijo (at) businessfinland.fi
+358 50 5577 663

Originally published on 9 December.

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