Progress on the Aurora Line – construction to Sweden continues

December 6, 2022

Press release from Fingrid

Construction of the Aurora Line, a new electricity transmission connection between Finland and Sweden, began in Finland this year. Fingrid has decided to invest in continuing the construction of the transmission line to the border between Finland and Sweden and to contribute to the costs of building the section of the line in Sweden. The Aurora Line will be completed in 2025.

The first phase in the construction of the 400-kilovolt Aurora Line electricity transmission connection began in Finland in the autumn. This phase involves building a 153-kilometre transmission line from the Pyhänselkä substation in Muhos to a new substation at Viitajärvi in Tornio. The work also includes the construction of the Viitajärvi substation in Tornio and the Isomaa series compensation substation. This phase of construction will be completed in 2023.

Transmission line construction to continue into Sweden in the second phase

The second phase of the project will begin next year with the construction of a transmission line from the Viitajärvi substation in Tornio, Finland, to the Messaure substation in Sweden. On the Finnish side, a 47-kilometre transmission line connection will be built from Viitajärvi to Vuennonkoski in Ylitornio, where the line will cross the border. The project is currently progressing in accordance with the normal land use procedures in Finland. When completed, the Aurora Line will have a total length of 380 kilometres.

On the Swedish side of the border, a 180-kilometre transmission line will be built from Vuennonkoski to the Messaure substation, and the Messaure substation and Isovaara series capacitor station will be expanded. The project is progressing on schedule on the Swedish side.

The Aurora Line will increase the electricity transmission capacity between the two countries and support investments in the green transition of industry

The Aurora Line will boost the electricity transmission capacity between Finland and Northern Sweden and reduce electricity prices in Finland. The electricity transmission capacity from Finland to Sweden will increase by 900 megawatts, and the capacity from Sweden to Finland will rise by 800 megawatts. The connection will also improve the security of the energy supply in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The project supports the European Union’s climate goals by increasing the amount of clean energy transmitted between Finland and Sweden and promoting the green hydrogen economy in the north of the EU. Significant investments are planned in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway to realise the green transition, mainly in industry and mining.

The Aurora Line is a joint project between Fingrid and Svenska kraftnät. Fingrid is paying for construction on the Finnish side and funding 80% of the construction on the Swedish side. The division of costs is based on the market benefits of the transmission line to the two countries. The EU awarded the project EUR 127 million in funding under the Connecting Europe Facility in January 2022. The costs of the project will be covered by the CEF funding and congestion income.

Fingrid is already working with Svenska kraftnät to plan the construction of the next transmission line, Aurora Line 2. Preliminary studies are underway for the project. Among other things, the studies will identify alternative routes for the transmission line.

Further information:

Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj, puh. 040 543 3039

Originally published on 2 December.

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