Production stops at Metsä in Kemi following explosion

By Lennart Håkansson, North Sweden Business - March 26, 2024
Metsä Kemi
The Metsä Board mill in Kemi in Finland

KEMI A gas explosion stops production at Metsä Fibre´s Kemi bioproduct mill in Finland near the Swedish border.

Three people were slightly exposed to hydrogen sulphide and were referred for a health check. The persons have returned to work after the check.

Due to repair work of the evaporation plant at the bioproduct mill, Metsä Board’s board mill is estimated to be out of production for 10–12 weeks. The company investigates the possibility of restarting the board production at a lower production level than normal during the repair work at the bioproduct mill. The company explores possibilities to also offer alternative products to customers.

Metsä Board’s Kemi board mill, which produces white Kraft liner, is part of the Kemi integrated mill. Metsä Board’s board mill was not damaged in the explosion, but the mill is not operational because unbleached pulp cannot be produced without the chemical recovery of the bioproduct mill, the company writes in a press release.

This article was originally published in North Sweden Business.