Partnership with GG4L to bring Arctic EWS to educational institutions

December 16, 2022

Press release from Arctic Security

Innovative technology to improve cybersecurity and fend against cybersecurity threats

OULU, FINLAND, and ALAMEDA, CA., December 13, 2022 –  Arctic Security, a Finnish cybersecurity company focused on helping national cybersecurity authorities by providing an incident notification platform and GG4L, membership-based collaborative providing schools and EdTech SaaS vendors with a secure, privacy-preserving, data exchange platform, announced today a partnership program offering all of GG4L’s 2,500+ members access to Arctic Security’s services for improving their overall cybersecurity.

Early warning services are critical to understanding the changing attack surface and finding critical vulnerabilities early to stay ahead of hackers. Asset awareness is essential in education, and GG4L’s members can use Arctic Security’s asset discovery services for free for an overview of their security posture. They can also access the Arctic EWS commercial service at preferential pricing designed to be accessible for K-12 and higher education.

“We are pleased to bring this service to our clients,” said Robert Iskander, Founder, and CEO of GG4L. “During our research, we were impressed with the capabilities that Arctic Security offers. We selected Arctic Security because of their work in cybersecurity at the national level as well as their ease of use. There is nothing to install. Notifications will start immediately after signing up and providing necessary data points.”

Arctic Security detects daily compromised machines in more than 80,000 organizations. Arctic Security’s mission is to help as many organizations as possible with their Early Warning Service.

“For years, we have focused our attention on National Cyber Security Centers and Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT’s). With the launch of our new Early Warning Service, notifications are delivered directly to end-user organizations that have, until now, been unable to access this type of information,” said Arctic Security CEO David Chartier. “Our goal is to democratize access to this information resource so that all can benefit, not just the richest corporations. We are honored to partner with GG4L to help them continue their efforts in protecting sensitive student data and get ahead of potential threats.”

About Arctic Security

Arctic Security is a cybersecurity company that started with helping national cybersecurity authorities by providing an incident notification platform for their constituents. Having seen the effects of such systems in the critical infrastructure space, Arctic Security decided on bringing the capability to a broader audience of K-12 school systems and universities throughout the world.  For more information, please visit Arctic Security at

About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation

Founded in 2018, GG4L offers its 2,500+ school districts, colleges and EdTech vendor members a secure, private data exchange for the education ecosystem. GG4L’s School Passport® is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), a data exchange middleware platform serving 30,000+ schools, 15 million students, and hundreds of EdTech vendors. With industry-leading PII Shield protection, GG4L advocates for open standards based data integrations, governed data exchange, and strict data privacy compliance. For more information, visit


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