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Bluejay’s Greenland ilmenite project receives European backing

Alexander Norfolk - 8 March 2022

2nd March 2022 The European Raw Material Alliance (ERMA) has announced its official support…

Finnish business and trade unions: The competitive disadvantage of arctic shipping must be compensated

Jordan Whittle - 28 February 2022

22. February 2022 It is necessary that all industry sectors across the EU commit…

European Commission holds meeting to discuss Inuit exception to seal product ban

Krestia DeGeorge - 13 February 2020

Representatives of Greenland, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut descended upon Brussels last month for…

Norway’s Bodø could be the first Arctic city named a European Capital of Culture

Krestia DeGeorge - 23 September 2019

On Wednesday, a jury will decide which city will have the status of European…

European NATO jets showcase unified Russian deterrence

Krestia DeGeorge - 13 September 2018

ON BOARD A BELGIAN AIR FORCE PLANE — British, French and German fighter jets…

Week Ahead: The Arctic with European characteristics

Krestia DeGeorge - 13 November 2017

For many, Europe’s involvement in the Arctic is synonymous with the European Union’s difficulty…

Merkel’s European wake-up call is being answered in the Nordics

Kelsey Lindsey - 31 May 2017

With Vladimir Putin in the east and Donald Trump to the west, German Chancellor…

European Parliament calls for ban on oil drilling in icy waters

Kelsey Lindsey - 17 March 2017

The European Parliament on Thursday voted in favor of a suggestion to put a…

An ‘ever looser union’: the slow separation of Greenland and Denmark

Krestia DeGeorge - 5 November 2016

National Identity Politics and Postcolonial Sovereignty Games: Greenland, Denmark and the European Union. By…

The European Parliament keeps an Arctic focus

Krestia DeGeorge - 4 November 2016

2016 could very well go down in history as the European Union’s “Polar Year.”…

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