One Ocean Expeditions launches a new polar explorer.

The new cruise ship will take passengers to the Canadian Arctic, the Northwest Passage, and Greenland in 2019.

By Ken Rivadeneira - October 21, 2018
One Ocean Expeditions has been ice-strengthened and redesigned the ship.(Courtesy One Ocean Expeditions)
One Ocean Expeditions has been ice-strengthened and redesigned the ship.(Courtesy One Ocean Expeditions)

This week marked the official recommissioning of the newest addition to One Ocean Expeditions, the RCGS Resolute. Built in 1993 for the purpose of polar exploration—it was formerly M/V Hanseatic, the first non-Russian passenger ship to cross the Northeast Passage—Resolute joins the growing fleet of the young company, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In that time, One Ocean Expeditions has built a strong reputation for education and environmental responsibility. Its crew is composed of accomplished biologists, naturalists, adventurers, and historians who give each journey a highly informed perspective.

RCGS Resolute is the first ship to carry the Royal Canadian Geographical Society name—the renowned organization is a partner of One Ocean Expeditions. The significance of its new name is twofold: Resolute honors both the Inuit town of Resolute in Canada as well as the HMS Resolute, a British exploration ship from 1850 that explored the Arctic.

The roughly 400-square-foot ship features comfortable amenities such as 74 spacious exterior cabins and suites, a saltwater pool, sauna and spa, and two dining rooms. As with all One Ocean Expeditions cruises, guests will enjoy all-inclusive benefits such as photography workshops, educational presentations, and expedition gear such as insulated boots, trekking poles, waterproof backpacks, and insulated boots. Although its first itineraries starting in November will take the ship throughout Antarctica, the Resolute will head north in June 2019 for a season of Arctic exploration, beginning with the North Atlantic and the Faroe Islands and ending with multiple journeys throughout the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.

Rates begin at $5,695 for Arctic itineraries, 855.416.2326,