A one-of-a-kind mammoth wool hat goes up for sale in Siberia

Its maker is asking $10,000.

By Reuters - August 20, 2018

Vladimir Ammosov from the Siberian city of Yakutsk is selling a hat that is possibly the only one of its kind.

The hat is made with the wool of a mammoth, an animal that used to inhabit modern Yakutia tens of thousands of years ago.

Ammosov says his friend brought the wool back from a trip to the northeastern Ust-Yansky district.

The the hat itself has little practical utility — it is hard to wear because the wool is thorny. Still, Ammosov hopes he will find a buyer. His asking price for the hat is $10,000.

Yakutia is home of up to 80 percent of mammoths ever found, according to the deputy director for Academic Affairs of the Institute for Permafrost Studies at the Russian Academy Of Sciences, Victor Shepelev.