NWT Indicators Dashboard to provide snapshot of progress on social and economic situation post-pandemic

August 17, 2022

Press release from the Government of the Northwest Territorities

Yellowknife — August 16, 2022

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) has launched the NWT Indicators Dashboard that provides a selection of key economic, environmental, and social indicators for the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The NWT Indicators Dashboard fulfills the GNWT’s commitment in the June 2022 update of Emerging Stronger to launch a dashboard of indicators to report regularly on the NWT’s social and economic situation.

The GNWT will continue to focus on key areas of intersection between these indicators to inform ongoing program planning and service delivery in the short term and beyond the pandemic. Additional social indicators beyond the health care system will also be utilized to better inform all of our social programs.

The dashboard draws on data from Statistics Canada and the NWT Bureau of Statistics. The GNWT will update the dashboard on a regular basis as new data sets are identified and made available.


“The Government of the Northwest Territories initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated our ability to act quickly, and the importance of having access to accurate and relevant data. Moving forward, the NWT Indicators Dashboard will be a trusted source of information for interested NWT residents, while also providing us with an opportunity to track progress and ensure we are making the best decisions for residents using relevant data.”

  • Caroline CochranePremier of the Northwest Territories

Quick Facts

  • The pandemic has brought into sharper focus the urgent need to act on social and economic development. Emerging Stronger complements the GNWT’s Mandate by highlighting areas of responsiveness and areas for further growth.
  • During the pandemic, the GNWT reported quarterly on a range of social indicators related to the COVID-19 pandemic, including child maltreatment and neglect, mental health and addictions, alcohol related harms, and family violence.
  • The NWT Indicators Dashboard provides data on the following areas:
  • Demographics
  • Energy
  • Land and Environment
  • Economy
  • Language, Education and Early Child Development
  • Health and Wellness

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Originally published on 16 August

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